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Woman training a Retriever puppy representing digital signage

You Spoke. We Listened.

Some of our best ideas come from our loyal Retriever users! Here are just a few of our recent interface improvements:

  • The Alert slide area is now clearly highlighted in blue. No more accidental alerts!
  • Live Chat is now available so you can talk directly with our developers and support staff.
  • Slide Categories are now labeled more clearly.

We always want Retriever Digital Signage to be the best, easiest-to-use signage system possible. If you have an idea to improve the Retriever, let us know!

Visual Font Picker

We’ve been busy adding new fonts to the Retriever: bold, quirky, handwritten, and more. In fact, there’s quite a list now. So we added a visual picker that lets you see what the fonts look like before you choose one.

Digital Signage font picker

Retriever Supports 4K

We have taught our Retriever some high-resolution tricks. If you have a 4K (ultra high definition) screen, just upload hi-res images to your Retriever, and you'll have super sharp digital signage. Plus, text, slides, and backgrounds already look crisp on 4K!

Dog with a PDF

Upload PDFs

Put your PDF files on your digital sign. We've been making improvements to the way the Retriever handles images, and one of those ways is including PDFs. Upload your PDF and it uses the first page as your image. "PDF" must stand for "Pretty Darn Flexible."

Upload Videos

Action! Now you can upload your own videos to your Retriever. With a ton of supported formats, we make it easy for you to add your commercials and other videos to your lobby's "silver screen." You'll have to make your own popcorn, though.

Retrievr Uses Flickr

Now your Retriever can fetch pictures from your Flickr account. You can fetch once to pull in a single picture from your account or fetch often to pull in random or latest images. The best part is any picture on any slide can come from Flickr. Play fetch!

Flickr puppy

¡Retriever Habla Español!

The Retriever now has a fuller Latin script set of characters. That means you can communicate in more languages like French (ç), German (ß), Italian (î), and Spanish (ñ)—provided you can communicate in those languages anyway! The Retriever is ready to travel.

Retriever ready to travel

Pictures in the Background

The Retriever has always made it easy to put your message front and center. Now you can put it behind and center, too. Upload your pictures to the slide backgrounds to complete a look that is totally your own.

Puppy in a box
Picture background examples

An Alert Where Anything Goes

Alerts are for more than just emergencies, and the new selection of alert slides reflects that. Any message you want to take priority can go in the alert slot and be the only content playing. Anything goes!

alert published on the Retriever

Weather Radar as Fast as Lightning

National and local weather radars update every ten minutes and use a lot less bandwidth. That keeps things fresh and current. Now your viewers will always know whether it's supposed to rain cats and dogs!

Weather Radar slides

Picture Source Options

Picture this! Any picture can come from an upload, a web address or a Flickr account. Pull in photos from whatever source is easiest for you.

Piture source options
Puppy wrapped in 'New' ribbon

What's New?

The Retriever is constantly getting new slide templates. A "What's New" category makes them easy to find, and "New" or "Updated" badges let you know these are the latest and greatest.

'What's New' slide category

Set the Defaults

You can set defaults for font, color, RSS and Twitter for the entire playlist. That way, each new slide is well on it's way to being finished as soon as it is created. This also makes it easy to keep a consistent look throughout a playlist.

Example of slide defaults in action
Retriever slide defaults

Text Source Options

Any text area can be filled with your own text, an RSS feed, or content from Twitter. What will you "feed" your Retriever?

Sources for Retriever text areas
Retriever with Twitter and RSS feed

Better Text Editing

Easily copy and paste text into our new text editor on the playlist page. You can even bold, italicize or underline sections to add your own highlight. Fancy!

Retriever text editor

Choose Your Font

Choose from our list of specially selected fonts to give the Retriever your own look. From fancy to fun, from simple to strong, bark out your message with style.

Retriever with a megaphone

Get Help!

We have made the Retriever as easy to use as possible, but if there's something you don't know how to do, just find the help section at the upper right. It shows our library of help videos (in the same window or a pop-out) and links to more in-depth support.

Retriever help

Slide Categories

The Retriever got organized! Now slides (and backgrounds) are arranged into categories, so you can go straight to holidays, sports, social networking, or any other type of slide.

Retriever categories
Retriever slide categories

Add a Slot Between Existing Slots

Be insertive! Add a new slot anywhere in your playlist — even between consecutively numbered slots. Existing slots will automatically slide around to let in the new pup.

Retriever - add a slot
Adding a slot in the playlist

Visual Slide Picking

See a still preview of each slide before selecting it. There is even a description of what the slide is and does. Look at that doggie in the window!

A doggie in the window
Retriever visual slide picking

Simplified User Management

Handle the users that handle the Retriever. Quickly set up as many users as you want and see who has access to which slots — and change that access with a single click.

Retriever user management

Update Assets in the Same Window

You never have to leave your playlist page to play fetch. Update text, pictures and more all from the playlist page, while the preview changes live to reflect your updates. It's quick and easy.

same window, live preview

Push Alerts

When you need to get a message out quickly, the Retriever is ready. Emergency alerts can be pushed out and will display almost instantly. As always, you can resume your regular playlist when the emergency is over.

alert published on the Retriever
Choose a transition type

Slide Transitions

The Retriever can fade directly from one slide to the next or fade through black. It's just one more trick our dog can do. (Maybe we'll train it to roll over next.)

Transition types: fade direct or fade through black

See What You're Working On (and What's on the Player)

The left column shows your unpublished work-in-progress, while the right column shows the content playing on your Retriever. Primp your pooch, then publish, and it proceeds to the right. Best in show!

Retriever content on a digital sign
work area on the left and live content on the right

Copy To All Playlists or Individual Ones

Duplicate a slot to anywhere in any of your playlists. Or duplicate it to ALL of your playlists with a single click. It's like cloning your dog — just a lot easier!

Retriever duplicate drawer

Preview Everywhere

We have created a still version of each slide that works on desktops, tablets and phones — without messy plug-in requirements. Now you can preview your slides with your pictures and text on whatever device you're using.

Preview slides anywhere
Retriever interface on a tablet device
Horizontal and vertical displays

Horizontal and Vertical

All Retriever slides are created in both landscape and portrait so you have the most flexibility in displaying your content. You can even have some players horizontal and some vertical — on the same playlist!

See How Many Slots You're Using

You can now tell at a glance how big your litter of puppies is. The tag at the upper right shows the percentage of slots used and tells you how many you have.

litter of puppies

Push Updates

This puppy likes to go fast! As soon as you publish any change, the Retriever server sends it straight to your player, and the player shows the change as soon as it gets it. It doesn't get faster than this.

Publishing a Retriever slide

A Dog of a Different Color

Do you have a favorite color? Corporate color? School or team colors? Make the Retriever whatever color you want. Set it for each slide or all the slides with a simple color-picker and presets.

Dog of a Different Color
Retriever color drawer
Rearrange Slots

Rearrange Slots

Need to change the order of slots in your playlist? No problem. Move any slot from anywhere to anywhere. The Retriever gives you total control.

With the Retriever, you can shuffle your playlist in just two clicks. Click the handle of the slot you want to move, then click where you want it to go.

Move slots on Retriever

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